All You Need to Know About Henna Powder!

All You Need to Know About Henna Powder!

Henna or Mehndi is invariably associated in our Indian weddings for the lovely, beautiful colour designs on the bride hands, symbolizing her groom’s love for her 😊 !! There is an exclusive wedding ritual to apply mehndi for the bride and everyone has a gala time with music and dance!! Apart from weddings, it is also used during festivals especially by women.

Although popularly mehndi is used to adorn the palms and heels, many youngsters who do not want to get a permanent tattoo, use henna as a temporary tattoo on their shoulders or other parts of the body.

Henna is a popular, extensively cultivated plant in India, with its leaves being often used for decorative body art and most widely nowadays for natural dyeing the hair to a decent bronze tinge.

Apart from this, Henna has a lot of medicinal values and benefits for the whole body. It contains anti-bacterial substances that might help fight infections and relieve pain. Henna is known to cool the body by improving the blood circulation. It is known to be used for treating headaches, diaper rashes, treat prickly heats, regulate blood pressure and works as a powerful detoxifier.

Henna flowers are used to prepare essential oils which has calming and deodorant properties.

Henna seeds are known to treat dysentery. It is also said to be used for treatment in jaundice.

Commercially though, the leaves of the plant are the most used for dying and conditioning of hair. Henna is loaded with many proteins, Vitamin E which enhance healthy hair. Regular use of henna helps to keep the scalp clean, and the hair becomes soft and free from split ends. Henna prevents premature greying of hair, while also controls oil secretion in the scalp. It is a natural solution for treating dandruff and flaking of the scalp.

We will brief you in simple steps to apply henna for hair conditioning and dyeing of hair.

For only conditioning, take the henna powder and mix it with curd or egg extracts and make a paste. Apply this paste on the length of your hair starting from the roots to the end and leave it for about an hour. Rinse it off thoroughly with lukewarm water to get shining hair.

For dyeing your hair, you need to mix the henna powder with tea or coffee decoction and make a paste. You can add some lime juice if you wish and leave the mixture overnight. Apply this mixture to your hair the next day morning and let your hair soak it in for about one or two hours. Rinse your hair with warm water for a bronze tinge colour that lasts for about a fortnight to a month depending on your hair.


While applying henna, always part your hair in the centre and start with small sections of hair. Apply the paste from the root to the length of the hair and make it into a small bun. After applying for the entire scalp, cover the henna paste with a shower cap, to keep the henna moist.

The Wellness Shop brings you pure Organic Henna Powder for use to colour and condition your hair. However, we also recommend you do a patch test if you are trying for the first time.


Have a happy Hair Day!!!

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