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The Wellness Shop is the brand name under the company URBAINE CONSUMER INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED


Our journey has started in the year 2021. It has first stemmed from a consumer, struggling to make head and tail of how to find skincare products that, for once, don’t produce adverse effects on the skin. Products like Hair Colours that promised a Natural composition ended up having worse side effects like pimples, rashes etc.

One of these consumers decided to take action which manifested into The Wellness Shop. Our Brand thus originates from the Consumers, for the Consumers! We wanted to be a Revolutionary Brand who wanted to absolutely steer clear of tall claims and slick advertising.


We as a brand, travel the expanse of Ancient to the Modern. We extract our ingredients from the Bowels of Nature and rely on Ancient Secrets of Beauty but at the same time, rely on Modern Solutions to make our products convenient to use.For example, it is always the best solution to naturally extract Aloe Vera Gel directly from the plant, but does our fast-paced world allow us the time to do so? This is where we come in!

We have done extensive research on beauty and wellness problems faced by the Indian Population and gained a proper expertise to formulate products that are not only high-performing but provide sustainable results! We aim to cater to and solve problems of the general public, without making false claims and using as much Natural and Organic ingredients as possible. We are extremely goal-oriented and understand that we don’t stand a chance in the beauty industry if our products don’t give results.


With the best expertise on providing beauty and wellness solutions, we focus on responsible sourcing of ingredients. We don’t believe in falsely claiming that our products don't contain chemicals until mentioned otherwise, but we possess a high intolerance of harmful chemicals!


Our products are free of any and every harmful chemicals that are nowadays being commonly used:

  • ❌Sulphates
  • ❌Parabens
  • ❌GMO
  • ❌Other Harmful Chemicals

We don’t mislead our consumers into thinking that our products are free of chemicals. Clean Beauty is not natural beauty but more of scientific beauty. Our preservatives are as much Natural and Organic as possible and if not, as in the case of certain products, we rely on Toxicology principles which secure some chemicals in specified quantities, as being under the dose threshold i.e. too little to be harmful.


  • We Pioneer in creating a Balanced Lifestyle with True-to-its claims and Simplified Products!
  • We make up for the Health and Beauty Imbalance as a result of the Modern Era.
  • We believe in sharing your burden of making the tough choice of right products from a plethora of products flooding the Market.


We consider India a “Golden Bird” as when we were searching for ingredients that provide maximum benefits, we came across several traditional ingredients like saffron, neem, red sandalwood, amla etc. that just needed the touch of our safe preservatives to derive its goodness for your beauty and wellness.


We collaborate with local forest communities and small-scale farmers who have used organic fertilisers for generations. From the process of sowing to its final use in the product and packaging, the process is kept simple sans adulteration.


We are an Ecologically-Conscious, Cruelty-Free and Skin-Safe brand that makes our products with processes such as cold-pressing , steam distillation and natural filtration . We don’t add any artificial fragrances or colours due to which our products might vary in colour or fragrance, without hindering consumers from reaping maximum benefits from our highly Efficacious products!

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