How To Make Rose Water Using Fresh Rose Petals

How To Make Rose Water Using Fresh Rose Petals

Rose symbolized beauty and love and has been highly prized for its source of perfume and medicinal use. In the 11th century, the process of extracting rosewater from rose petals became common and the fragrance of the rose was captured and preserved in the form of rosewater.

Origin of The Wellness Shop Rose Water

The ancient practise of deriving essential oils from flowers is carried on by Kannauj. The ancient steam distillation (deg-bhapka) method-a way of extracting essential oils from flower petals-is still preserved in the small lanes of Kannauj.

And this scent is captured by The Wellness Shop Rose Water!

Creation Of Our Rose Water

Hand-Picking Of Rose:

Rosa Damascena are first hand-picked before sunrise and then they are directly sent to distilleries for steam distillation process

Heating The Petals In Deg:

The roses are then put into copper pots, filling up the cold water all the way to the top with rose petals. The copper pot or deg then sealed using a mixture of clay and cotton.The deg is connected by a bamboo pipe (referred as Chonga) to a copper receiver (Bhapka) and a water tank. Once done, a fire is lit and the pot heated.

Straining The Rose Water:

After a few hours the first distillate is condensed and the liquid is connected.The liquid is transferred to an empty copper pot and distilled again. In the second distillation the true rose attar is extracted.

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