The Hunt: Is haircare all about looks?

The Hunt: Is haircare all about looks?

Here is a quick read for you to know why hair care is important, what are basic techniques you can follow, and what products you can trust to strengthen your hair naturally.

Hair is something a lot of us struggle with, mainly because it is very difficult to understand the type of hair one has and the nutrients it requires to strengthen from the root in the most natural way possible.

We all might have tried several different products and variants for our hair since our childhood and some of us find what’s best for our hair but some of us continue to try different products until we find the best one. The reason for this is not all of us are genetically blessed with smooth, silky, and healthy hair.

Haircare isn’t all about appearance, there is more to it than you think or give importance to. Healthy hair indicates that your body is producing the right vitamins and nutrients from the scalp to face climate changes and fight bacteria.

Haircare routine has been a part of our culture since ancient times. Indian women have been well known for healthy-looking, long and shiny hair. The Charaka Samhita (the definitive scripture of Ayurveda) elaborately talks about the importance of having a hair care routine and how to keep them healthy by frequently oiling the hair and using plant-based mixtures like Shikakai, and Brahmi which have magical properties that treat dryness in the scalp and nourishes the roots to prevents from split ends.

These organic plant-based mixtures were very much part of our daily routine for the longest time until we were introduced to shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks from the west. Good hair not only helps you healthwise but also boosts confidence in you.

As humans, we tend to use products that are new and trending in the market and forget the age-old practices and their actual importance. The fast-paced life has led to a lot of pollution and less physical and mental care. The stress due to the dynamic work culture can lead to hair fall and other hair problems.

The best way to repair bodily problems is the organic way. Our plants have enough vital nutrients to protect our bodies and heal them naturally. Some of the benefits of using natural and organic hair products are :

They are gentle and safe:

shampoo bar and conditioner generally have a heavy amount of sulfates in them to make our hair look silkier. They also have added preservatives, artificial coloring, and added odor in them which further damages the hair from the root and leads to hair fall. Organic products on the other hand are made of natural ingredients and extracts that strengthen the roots and distribute the vitamins and minerals thoroughly which makes way to new hair growth. It is much safer to use organic products than chemically induced products.

Promotes healthy hair:

Organic products have a holistic approach to hair care. They repair the scalp and make it healthy enough to produce natural oils and nutrients in the body that will make your hair denser, silkier, and strong.

Environment friendly:

As you know, chemical-based products contain a heavy amount of sulfate and paraben which not only damages your hair from the root but also pollutes the soil and water on earth. These harsh chemicals decrease the fertility of the soil and make it difficult for plants to grow. Plants which grow on polluted land are not safe to consume by humans and animals. Our wellness shop natural hair colour are eco-friendly, the waste produced after the product is used gets easily decomposed in the soil and acts as a fertilizer for the land where healthy produce can be grown and they don't make the land barren.

The Wellness Shop’s mission and vision are to give the consumers a better and much-needed chance to revive and repair their bodily problems and difficulties in the best and organic way possible. The products produced by The Wellness Shop are :

  • Eco-friendly
  • Sulfate and paraben-free
  • Made of organic plant-based extracts
  • No preservatives added
  • Premium quality and
  • Worth the money you pay

The Wellness Shop offers a variety of hair products like :

  • Oils
  • Shampoo and conditioners
  • Hair masks
  • Shampoo bars
  • Organic black hair colour and Haircare powders

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