The rise of face rollers

The rise of face rollers

Haven't we all wondered at some point in our life about the mysterious world of Skincare techniques and tools?

Well, ever since the birth of mankind en number of skincare rituals have been tried and tested, some have flourished and some failed but there have always been hopes of finding the best ingredients and methods.

The earliest evidence of skincare rituals dates back to approximately 6000 years ago from Ancient Egypt. Skincare was given equal importance in society when compared to today’s day and age. Mankind used these ancient techniques and methods like applying clay mixtures to cleanse, essential oils with antibacterial properties to soothe the skin and revive the functions deep in the facial muscles, milk products to moisturize the skin, sugar /dead sea salt/soil mixtures to exfoliate the skin and natural fruit/vegetable extracts to beautify the skin and retain moisture.

Not only did they utilize natural ingredients on their skin to nurture but also used acupressure to heal their muscles and rejuvenate them by various tools such as gua sha to contour the face.

One such tool that is currently gaining popularity in recent years is FACE ROLLERS.

FACE ROLLER is a two-headed tool that was used by the Ancient Elite Chinese women to drain all the toxins or excess water on the face and contour temporarily. This tool is made of different types of crystals and precious stones that not only have healing properties in them but also help in relaxation and work as a stress buster.

Face rollers have gained popularity in recent years because of their magical properties and benefits.

Slowly but steadily our society is trying to be inclusive and body-positive which is a very healthy and non-toxic approach towards being better humans. This switch into a non-judgmental and all-inclusive society is bringing up a lot of ancient tools and techniques into practice all over the world. Face rollers are one such tool that is helping people lead a much more positive approach to skincare and body positivity. The new generation is all about leading a minimal life and being healthy and chemical-free and face rollers are just here on the rise to help them achieve that goal.



Face rollers are the best tool that you can use to stimulate blood flow which will help you bring back your natural inner glow.


The tool helps to ease the muscle tension around the face.


The face roller helps you to distribute the product evenly making it easier for the skin to absorb the product and retain the moisture.


The tool can help you relax after a long day with its soothing properties.



The tool decreases puffiness under the eye by reviving the Lymphatic drainage. Lightens the dark circles and helps repair/reduce wrinkles.


This facial roller has two sides - the big roller is to massage the face, neck, and forehead while the smaller one is perfect for around the eye area, nose and lips.

Place the stone roller in the refrigerator before use for extra cooling effects.

After cleansing and toning, apply a few drops of facial oil to help the roller to glide easily.

Start with the cheeks and jaw moving towards the ear bottoms. Use the big roller end and apply medium pressure and roll it gently 5 to 6 times in the same place before moving.

For the forehead, begin in the middle and roll towards the ears, gently repeating the rolling 5-6 times in the same spot.

Now use the small roller end and role from the inner eye towards the corner and repeat for the other eye.

For the neck, start from the base of the neck towards the jawline in an upward roll with about 10-12 strokes.


Use a damp cloth or plain water to clean the roller. Avoid hot water or other chemicals.


Preserving the tool with utmost hygiene and care is important. Make sure to follow the following steps to ensure the tool is safe to use.


Face rollers are made of precious stones that have healing properties. Some of these stones can be agile and hence it is important to handle them with care.


Make sure you wipe the tool with a damp towel after using it to remove the product used on the roller. Avoid using boiling water to clean the roller as it damages the properties of the stone, a little warm water would do. Store it in a cool and dry place.

Now that we know the benefits of face rollers and their magical properties, here is how you can shop for them:

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